Webinars: A Cookbook for Educators

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This book is a comprehensive guide to running excellent webinars. Whether you’re an old webinar hand, or have never attended or run one before, you’ll find useful advice and ideas based on over a decade of experience in organizing, attending and running webinars. Giving a good webinar is like cooking and serving a good meal. This metaphor frames the book. So let’s get into the kitchen, and start cooking!

This book is aimed at:

  • Educators interested in exploring the options provided by synchronous online communication
  • Online conference/webinar presenters and moderators
  • Teachers of online classes
  • Anyone thinking of offering webinars but unsure of how or where to start

You can view an extended sample here.

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Watch the video of tips on how to do great webinars by various experts.

Watch the video of tips on how to engage your audience

Here’s what people are saying about Webinars.

[Webinars] is written for inexperienced trainers in online training.  It provides the reader with an excellently organized and easily affordable (€5.15) handbook for setting up and running professional webinars.  Old hands in the virtual environment can also benefit by benchmarking their current webinars against her nearly flawless examples.

From Charles Rei on his blog businessenglishideas


One of the great features of this eBook from the round is the inbuilt interaction. There are plenty of internal links to the other sections (I was particularly impressed by the suggested courses. Each one has an overview of details in an almost spreadsheet format, if you click on one, it takes you to a detailed guide to the activity.) What’s more, the links to web based videos for samples of webinars and as material for the reflective tasks really show some tech savvy components to this eBook.

from Chris Wilson at his blog eltsquared


As someone who has just begun to experience webinars as a guest and about to host my first, this is an invaluable resource. It’s an exhaustive collection of ideas, suggestions and advice, all wrapped up, `tortilla-style’ in cooking metaphors… This is a fairly exhaustive run through of everything possible with webinars and clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into putting this all together. It is incredibly good value and sits nicely on any kindle or kindle-type reader.

from Phil Longwell (on Amazon)

There is a video link to this review here.


If you have never attended a webinar, this book offers you a very simple and clear description of kinds of webinars + example webinars. If you are interested in delivering a webinar, there’s information on platforms, tools and activities. A must-have book if you are new in the webinar world.

from another review on Amazon


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  • If you want to read the book on a device other than a kindle then you can download a free Kindle reader here.

4 thoughts on “Webinars: A Cookbook for Educators

  1. Hi there!

    I’ve bought all the titles from The Round bar the one I need the most: ‘Webinars’. It’s not available in Brazil on Amazon. Any other way of getting my hands on it? 🙁


    1. Hi Higor, you can get Nicky’s book at Smashwords. Here’s the direct link http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/164664
      I think it’s also available now on iBooks and at BarnesandNoble.com

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  3. Bought this today and am half way through it – already loving it. Not surprising given the background & the experience of the author – but the book has exceeded my expectations already. A huge thank you – and once again for the great price!
    Highly recommended!
    Kaushi Renuka

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