The CELTA Teaching Compendium

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This book is for anyone who wants to improve their practical English language teaching skills, but will be particularly useful for teachers who are taking a course such as CELTA or the Trinity Cert TESOL, which includes observed and assessed teaching practice.

This compendium sets out to provide a quick, easy reference to all the key practical teaching skills taught in CELTA. It explains the essential things you need to know, with practical tips and suggestions. Think of it as being like having your CELTA teaching practice tutor available for questions any time of the day or night.

The contents are listed alphabetically, so that you can dip in and out. Whenever another key skill is cross-referenced, there’s a link to take you to that section.

Clearly there’s in fact no ‘right’ way to teach. However, the suggestions and tips in this book are based on years of teaching and training teachers, and should provide you with a very handy set of tools.

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