Podcasting and Professional Development

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Podcasting and Professional Development: A Guide for English Language Teachers is a must-read book for any English teacher wishing to dip into world of podcasting and making podcasts.

Like blogging, tweeting, and participating in webinars, podcasting is steadily emerging as a new form of online professional development for those involved in language teaching. Although there have long been numerous podcasts for language learners, there is now a small, but growing number of podcasts being produced by language teachers for likeminded professionals. Podcasts provide not only a new platform for engagement with the wider profession, but also a way for practitioners to reflect on their own teaching and development.

Podcasting and Professional Development: A Guide for English Language Teachers, written by the producers of The TEFLology Podcast (www.teflology-podcast.com) Robert J. Lowe, Matthew Y. Schaefer, and Matthew W. Turner, concisely details the emergence of the podcast as a tool for professional development, engagement, and personal investment, as well as providing a guide and rationale for setting up one’s own podcast. Written by podcasters in the field, this book illustrates the positive and transformative nature that such an undertaking can have on one’s teaching life. This is the first book written for language teachers hoping to make connections between the podcast broadcasting medium and their own professional development, and for those wishing to take their own steps onto the digital airwaves.

This book contains:

•An overview of professional development for English language teachers
•Podcasting ideas for professional development
•Information on setting up a podcast
•Stories from podcasters and other figures engaged in professional development
•A concise list of podcasts related to English language teaching

Contains a foreward by Thomas S.C Farrell

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