My First Digital Journey

My First Digital Journey

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Welcome to a digital adventure! My First Digital Journey is an activity book for teachers of young learners willing to enhance their teaching with web 2.0 tools. Twenty free tools are clearly explained, with instructions on what they do, where to find them and whether registration is needed. There are sample tasks for teachers to do on their own to familiarize themselves with the tools and then activities for teachers to do in class with their learners. The activities all involve an exciting student creation of some kind: a visual book report, a multimedia story, a diary entry, a virtual poster… These can be done online or offline. Helpful links to typical school curriculum areas are also provided, as well as extra tips to ensure success of the activities. All the web tools are hyperlinked to allow you to access the sites easily from within the book. The authors are both very experienced in the use of educational technology and have trained teachers from around the world. They have used all these tools in their own teaching and are eager to share them with you in this ebook.

Take a look at a sample here:

My First Digital Journey Sample (2115)


  • My First Digital Journey is now available at Amazon in Kindle format.
  • To read My First Digital Journey you need a Kindle, PC, Mac, Android device or iPhone/iPad.
  • If you want to read the book on a device other than a kindle then you can download a free Kindle reader here.

3 thoughts on “My First Digital Journey

  1. Are there any plans to release this book in formats other than Kindle as was done with the previous publicaitons? I would love to get it for my iPad but Kindle is still unavailable in the Turkish iTunes store…

    1. Philippe Renard says:

      in fact, you can download kindle for pc either from Amazon or kindle itself. It’s free.

    2. Dave — it’s pretty simple to go into your settings and change your store — I thin k all you need is a different email address. I’ve done it several times. Nothing else is affected on your Ipad when you switch stores.

      Try here: This is for switching countries withing the same account — I found it easier to keep a couple of accounts on the same machine.

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