From English Teacher to Learner Coach

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From English Teacher to Learner Coach is for EFL teachers who want successful students, not just successful lessons. More than ever before, English learners have the tools and opportunities to practise and become competent English users, but they will need support and guidance to make the most of them. In other words, they need a coach. This book helps you to give your teaching a coaching twist, which in turn helps your students practise more outside class and get more out of what they do in class with you.

The book has two parts:
1. A guide for teachers which includes:
• a clear rationale for a coaching approach
• ways to give your teaching a coaching twist
• coaching activities you can use in your lessons

2. A student book with 39 activities. This includes:
• activities to help students get motivated
• activities to help students get organised
• activities to help your students practise English outside class on their own or with fellow students.


The student’s activity book can be found inside From English Teacher to Learner Coach or purchased as a separate book.

Learners can buy the Student book as a separate mini-book for the price of a coffee. It’s available on Amazon or on Smashwords.

From English Teacher to Learner Coach is for all types of English class: adults, teens and younger learners, general and business English, EAP classes, large groups and one-to-ones, classes with or without a course book. Many activities are internet based but there are plenty of unplugged alternatives, which require no technological resources.

Give your teaching a coaching twist!

Click on the link below for full page colour PDFs of the lesson plans in the book. You can print these out for easy reference in class.

From English Teacher to Learner Coach sample (939)


  • From English Teacher to Learner Coach is now available at Amazon in Kindle format.
  • To read From English Teacher to Learner Coach you need a Kindle, PC, Mac, Android device or iPhone/iPad.
  • If you want to read the book on a device other than a kindle then you can download a free Kindle reader here.

14 thoughts on “From English Teacher to Learner Coach

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  2. Katiefoufouti says:

    Congratulations, Dan and Duncan! Really pleased to see it’s out and looking forward to reading it!

    1. Efharisto Katie!

  3. simon greenall says:

    The sample is excellent, and I’ll look forward to reading the rest of the book. Congratulations to Duncan and Daniel, and of course the round.

    1. Thanks, Simon, glad you like it.

  4. Congratulations Daniel and Duncan! I’m looking forward to reading it!

  5. Wow, have you just been to my brain? Exactly, EXACTLY, what I have been doing with my students!!! I have just finished the students book and there are about 2-3 activities that I don´t do. That´s it! 🙂 And it´s so worth it, my students are thrilled, motivated, fall in love with English easily and most of all – they progress much faster! The best compliment I get is the one where a graduate of one of my courses comes to me and says: “You know, Nina, this wasn´t so much about learning English, it was more about a different approach to education and life in general.” Now isn´t that something every teacher wants to hear? Therefore I highly recommend this approach to all the teachers and students out there. It works!

    1. Hi Nina,
      Many thanks for your lovely comment :o) Like most ‘new’ teaching styles and movements, what we’re saying isn’t new at all, just articulated (we hope) in a fresh way. We’re writing about things we know at least a few ground-breaking teachers like your good self are already doing!
      We’d love to know more about your approach, if you can spare the time.

      1. Hi Daniel,
        I can´t believe I missed your reply. You can find more about my work in my post here:
        and here are some photos and videos – videos
        Would love to get in touch if you like!

  6. Clara Espelt Coll says:

    Highly recommendable.

  7. Clara Espelt Coll says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for nice work. A very good read, indeed. And it brought back some memories as well. I rummaged through my shelves until I found a book called Learning to Learn English. A course in Learner Training, CUP 1989. I flicked though, read lines I’d underlined back in the 90s, and that got me thinking: how come teachers are still so focussed on the “perfect” lesson plan and so little on helping students become independent learners. It’s an issue that hardly ever crops up in the staff room. And I wanted to ask if it’s the same everywhere. Sometimes I’ve got the feeling “planet ELT” is up in the “cloud” rather than down in the classroom.

    I remember trying out some of the activtities from that book without much success. I guess I was rather inexperienced and had had little training. Still, I’m convinced it’s the way forward.
    I also wanted to ask about the students. How do they respond to spending class time on tutorials and drawing up “action” plans?
    I was thinking of using your book next course. Any word of advice?

    1. Hi Clara
      thanks for your support and interest. my advice would be one step at a time. negotiate with your learners along the lines of I’d like to try this, if it works we can do more, if not we can drop it… this will put them in control and empowers them to say they don’t want to do coaching tutorials, for example, if that is the case. My guess is though, that they will love it. Simple activities like “8 days a week” are a good place to start. Just some practice and report back to get started.

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