English for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Communication is a vital skill when you’re facing the end of the world. And when the zombie apocalypse comes, chances are people will be communicating in English. This e-book contains all the essential language you need to work with others and face the undead.

There are units on calling for help, scavenging, meeting other survivors and most importantly not giving up hope. The book also comes with audio tracks of all the dialogues, and a special A-Z alphabet feature that gives you all the essential vocabulary you need when confronted with hordes of zombies.

It is the authors’ hope that, armed with this language, your fight for survival will become all the more easier. The language level for the book is high elementary (A2) and can be used by students from elementary to intermediate levels quite easily.

The book is in a pdf format, which means you can print and copy pages for your students, or display the pages directly from your computer with a projector. It also comes with a zip file with all the audio in the book in MP3 format. You can purchase the book from Gumroad (see link below).

You can see a sample here

English for the Zombie Apocalypse sample unit (957)

5 thoughts on “English for the Zombie Apocalypse

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  4. I need this book. I need it yesterday! But the purchase options button won’t work. What am I to do? Can you fix it or supply alternatives (cos I’ll blame you if my brains get eaten before I learn how to survive the apocalypse)?

  5. Donald Richardson says:

    Is this book suitable for higher level learners? It sounds like it is aimed at A2-B1 level.

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