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Big Questions in ELT

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This book addresses twenty-one themes related to the teaching of English as a second or foreign language, and is organized around a series of key questions. For example, ‘How many words do learners need to know?’, ‘Do rules help you learn a language?’ and ‘Where do errors come from?’ Based on a very popular blog, the author has re-crafted the original posts to take into account the discussion that each one provoked. So that the book can be used in a training context, he has also added eight discussion questions to each theme, as well as a full list of references, and links to the relevant posts on his blog. Each theme is attractively illustrated with original designs by Piet Lüthi.

  • Big Questions in ELT is now available at Amazon in Kindle format.
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9 thoughts on “Big Questions in ELT

  1. I’d like to buy this book to read on a PC with Windows XP.

    I seem to remember that I will need to download some software to be able
    to read it.

    Can you help?


    1. Jenny Hardacre says:

      You can download a Kindle app from Amazon (if you don’t mind dealing with amazon). It’s free and I have found it simple and easy to use.

  2. George Woolard says:

    Great overview of many current issues in ELT, Scott and nicely packaged into a fascinating and stimulating read. I like the dynamic flow of the book. The clear and excellent introduction to each issue and the questions which follow got me thinking about my own views and teaching experience. This left me eager to open the hyperlink to the relevant section in your blog to see how my views compared to what other teachers were thinking.
    The excellent references given in each section also made me want to read more. A particular interest of mine at the moment is the role of attention in learning and I’m now off to source a copy of ‘One Hundred fears of solitude’ by H. Crowther!

  3. Just bought it! Up to page 9. Thrilled! Scott’s writing is so clear and the examples he uses to illustrate points bring the material to life. Very excited to keep reading and thinking about the big questions in ELT.

  4. Thank you very much for this book. It is wonderful. I deals in depth with all the big problems every ELT teacher faces. It really deepened my understanding and presented some of the problems in a new light.
    However, I have one question I would love to ask Scott: Do you know anyone with the correct answers??

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  6. Hi, I just bought this via and I can only read it on the amazon Kindle reading website. How can I download it onto my phone (android)?

    Hope it’s OK to ask here. Thanks in advance!

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