At work

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This book is aimed at busy, hard-working Business English teachers and contains 20 speaking activities guaranteed to raise smiles, provoke debate, and spark conversation.

As Business English teachers, we are not merely corporate drones, but innovators and trend-setters who love to experiment! However, speaking practice is often overlooked in Business English teaching materials and there is a shortage of activities which give learners sufficient practice in communication scenarios they find difficult, such as small talk.

Therefore, in this book you will find a creative suite of activities for the experienced practitioner that both dwell in the world of business and offer rich learning opportunities.

Incredibly easy to set up, the activities can be adapted and extended, and are ideal for teachers seeking ‘life-savers’ before class! Though designed for use with groups, these speaking activities can be used in one-to-one classes.

The book is clearly divided into six parts, and contains sections on Small Talk, Everyday life, Statistics, Time, Problem-solving and Roleplays.

So, all that remains is for YOU to bring these activities to life in your own context!

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