Apptivities for Business English

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This eBook looks at apps for business English students. First, it introduces important distinctions (native vs web-based; free vs pay for; apps for different operating systems). Then, it presents a selected number of apps chosen by the authors in the following categories: language skills (speaking / writing / listening / reading); language (grammar / vocabulary / pronunciation) and finally, business.

Each app is described briefly; then, ideas for using the app in the classroom with students are provided, followed by ideas for students to use the app autonomously, using their smartphone and / or tablet.

As a bonus Apptivities contains a code for all users to receive a free version of the Student’s Book, which contains all the Apptivities for use on the move, and which can be downloaded by students free of charge as part of their business English course.

Free student's book version included for your students to download!

Free student’s book version included for your students to download! (regular price $0.99)

Sample material from labs version

Apptivities for Business English (797)



  • Apptivities for Business English is now available at Amazon in Kindle format.
  • To read Apptivities for Business English you need a Kindle, PC, Mac, Android device or iPhone/iPad.
  • If you want to read the book on a device other than a kindle then you can download a free Kindle reader here.

4 thoughts on “Apptivities for Business English

  1. Thanks to everyone for making this idea possible, from initial chats with Lindsay (and his brilliant idea for the title), to Barney for his formatting and re-formatting, to Deborah for her editing skills, to everyone who granted us permission to use their icon….in the words of the English translation of Almodovar’s latest: “I’m so excited!”

  2. Alexander Angulo says:

    I’d like to thank you personally for the great presentation you gave in PERU (LABCI). I was lucky to attend this extraordinary PLENARY and I appreciate the fact that you gave us so many apps to be used with our students. I’d really like to know more about them. Thanks a lot for all you’ve taught us.

    1. Hi Alexander – it was GREAT to read your mail! So pleased you enjoyed the LABCI workshop – I loved giving it too, especially when I disappeared to the back of the room, ha ha! We are working on a follow-up – so please watch out for that! all best wishes


  3. Incoming link: Pete Sharma Webinar Feb 28 – Apps, E-books and Digital Resources in BE | teflhelperblog

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