Academic Reading Circles

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Academic Reading Circles by Tyson Seburn is a teacher-resource book that explains and exemplifies an intensive reading approach aimed at improving learner engagement with and understanding of concepts in non-fiction texts, like those encountered in higher education courses. This approach (academic reading circles or “ARC”) combines individual investigation about specific aspects of a course text with collaborative construction of knowledge about that text in groups. In the book, teachers are guided through an entire ARC cycle, including:

*the initial introduction of ARC to learners;
*the five ARC roles learners undertake when reading a text;
*detailed examples of their use on a sample text;
*solutions for groupings, assessment, and potential problem areas; and
*downloadable activities to further facilitate ARC beyond this book.

Academic Reading Circles is ideal for teacher use in pre-sessional or in-sessional EAP programs at the university level.

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NOTE: If you would like to read the book on a device that isn’t an iPad or kindle, you can buy the epub version (at Smashwords) and then download the free Adobe Digital Editions software to read epub books here (

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