A Community of Readers

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Extensive reading (ER) is an approach to language learning that has experienced enormous growth in many parts of the world, though most noticeably in Asia. In contrast to intensive reading, its older, more established brother, ER asks students to read lots and lots of easy material, slowly building up greater understanding and control over one level of linguistic material before moving on to a slightly more challenging level. Slow, but steady.

A Community of Readers is a collection of interviews with experts in the field of extensive reading. These include David R. Hill, Paul Nation, Rob Waring, Marcos Benevides, Philip Prowse, Syying Lee, Jennifer Bassett, Wendy Lambert and more.   The purpose of this collection is not to offer a prescribed set of rules regarding extensive reading as it to ask readers to participate in a discussion of ER theory and practice.

Download a sample here. A community of readers labs (265)

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