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This is an activity book for language teachers unlike any you have ever seen. 52 asks the question: can one new teaching idea per week make a difference? The authors use radical texts, subversive images and lateral thinking to suggest new ways of doing things inside the classroom and to prompt teachers and learners to think differently about the world outside the classroom.

The book contains 52 activities that fit loosely into the following categories.

  • Disruptions – ways of subtly disrupting the class dynamic to challenge existing power structures and explore alternatives
  • Discussions – prompts and stimuli for conversations with a difference
  • Images – subversive spoof ads from the media foundation Adbusters
  • Language – activities critically exploring prejudice in language, slogans, social media and even English for protest signs
  • Action – activities to prompt and empower your students to take action outside the classroom
  • Scenarios – tired of the same old business English situations? Here we explore real-life functional language with a twist!

Download to see some activities for yourself:

pdf 52 free sample
File size: 208.93 kB — Downloaded 3100 times

52 also includes a small support website, called Subversive Teaching 52. At the website you can find extra ideas based around images, words and videos.


There is an important message here – we should not assume what is and is not suitable for our classes. Rather, we should include our students by opening up the discussion to them and finding out what they think should (not) feature in their lessons. Dave Dodgson http://www.davedodgson.com/2012/04/review-52.html

Overall the book is a very interesting book which pokes the box of some big issues and as the authors hope, it isn’t just about teaching English as a foreign languagebut raises questions of social policy, politics, consumerism, materialism, 9-5ism, charity, businesses and more. Chris Wilson, eltsquared http://eltsquared.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/initial-review-of-52-by-round.html

Customer reviews of 52 on Amazon:

I am happy to endorse this material as an excellent resource not only for classroom teachers of English in both EFL and ESL contexts around the world, but also as a source of refreshingly different and provocative warmers and discussion activities for trainee teachers. I strongly recommend this as amongst the best value for money publications I’ve ever had access to! Graeme Hodgson

Thought-provoking activities that promote lots of interesting discussions. “Not a book for everyone” though; however, if you are the kind of teacher who likes taking risks, challenging your students and being surprised with the results, the activities in the book are perfect. Malu Sciamarelli


  • 52 is now available at Amazon in Kindle format.
  • To read 52 you need a Kindle, PC, Mac, Android device or iPhone/iPad.
  • If you want to read the book on a device other than a kindle then you can download a free Kindle reader here.

47 thoughts on “52

  1. I’m buying mine RIGHT NOW!!!!

    I hope to adapt some of the ideas here for my teacher training sessions… especially as warmers, perhaps… have to see first how best to use your great ideas!

    1. Thanks Graeme, we hope there are some things in there you like. On average they cost 12 cents an activity! 🙂

  2. Marcos Benevides says:

    Just downloaded to my Kindle; looking forward to reading it!

  3. Congratulations, guys!

    I’m buying mine right now too. 😉 And even before reading it, I am already recommending it to peers and friends.

  4. Wow! What a deal. Surely the best $6.50 I have spent in….maybe ever. Thanks!
    I can really see this being useful for teaching English as well as for teacher education/development.

    1. Ania Kolbuszewska says:

      Congratulations, Lidsay and Luke!
      I’ve been trying to buy 52 on different amazon sites, but they either refuse to sell it or want to sell it to me for a higher price than the one quoted on the round – is this because I’m based in Poland??…..

      1. Hmm. That’s strange. Are you signed in to a certain Amazon? Not sure why this would happen. Will email you.

        1. Ania, we’ve got it sorted out now! Amazon was charging more in certain places, which is why you should go to Smashwords, where we also have it on sale. Here’s the link:

  5. looks good, will wait till you put out an epub version 🙂

    1. Epub version is now out, for the same low price! Check out https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/133783

  6. Congratulations! Will pick it up shortly. =)

  7. “It’s just one more step towards socialism.” – Joe the Plumber


  8. Congratulations, it’s great, love the customize-re-purpose-occupy edge

  9. Me again!
    Just spread the word to our Israeli English teacher’s list !

  10. Christina Anastasiadis says:

    It looks great! Have it on kindle for pc and am dying to try some of the activities out!

  11. Just bought it, guys! I am sure there will be great subversive ideas for our classroom! With this price, it means we can still buy friends some beer and read the book!

  12. Carol Read says:

    Many congratulations! Some great ideas and love the clear, clean layout. 52 for YLs would be good to do too!

  13. Rachel Appleby says:

    This is great – a perfect publishing compromise. I now have my copy – on the kindle, and on the phone, and just in time for Univ classes starting next week in Budapest. At less than 10p a week, this is a bargain in terms of injecting life into my classes!
    As Carol says – 52 for YLs… Perhaps, after that, 52 for BE?

  14. Thank you to all those above who have taken the time (and money!) to support this venture. Luke and I are overwhelmed, and galvanized to keep on going and getting other titles out on here at the same low price and good quality. And not everything will be subversive either – we’re looking at a whole range of different things so please keep your suggestions coming if you want to join us!

  15. rachelappleby says:

    By the way, amazon.com are selling for $10.80. I still don’t begrudge my bargain(!), but have I bought it in the wrong place?

    1. Hi Rachel
      We have just heard about this. No, you’re not but it could be that Amazon are charging extra for customers in other countries (that aren’t Amazon countries, that is, that don’t have an Amazon store). We are looking into it!

      1. rachelappleby says:

        Budapest, HU. Thanks – much appreciated. Was just about to buy another copy for a friend who has just acquired a kindle.. and only then (!) checked the price.

  16. Hi Lindsay and Luke,

    Great to see that the first Round book is out and I am really intrigued by the content of 52 and how I can adapt it to the YL classroom…


    do you have any plans to release it in an e-book format other than Kindle? For some reason, the Kindle app for iPad is not available in the Turkish iTunes store!

    Guess I’ll just have to manage on my PC for now 🙂


    1. Dave, do you need to go through Turkish iTunes? Can’t you get it direct from .com? Try going through this link: http://goo.gl/VJ2ep

    2. Epub version is now out, on the Smashwords site! Check it out at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/133783. Same low price as for the Kindle!

  17. Justine Arena says:

    Buying it now! 🙂 And Thanking Carl Dowse for this wonderful tip!

  18. Kylie Malinowska says:

    Congratulations on a fabulous product. Great work guys! I totally love this and have been promoting it vie the IHWO YL Network for use with high level Teens (an age group YL teachers are always desperate for help with).


  19. Thanks for the help Chiew. Alas, a message like this pops up: “the item you are looking for is not currently available in the Turkish iTunes store” 🙁

    Got the PC version though and am reading the book from there. 🙂

    1. There is now the epub version out which also allows for easy reading on a PC. Check out https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/133783

  20. Wow, when you said ‘low price’ you meant nearly giving it away. Just shows that high quality doesn’t mean high price. I’m ordering mine now so I can browse through it over the weekend! My students will be thrilled!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    congrats on new book!

    I bought it for my kindle but for me it would be more useful and practical to use with my students if I could convert it into a pdf document and print it out. Is that in any way possible?


    1. Hi Elizabeth
      Thanks! Unfortunately we can’t convert it to pdf, as that is part of the security on the document. I’m not sure if you can print off from a kindle though… Will look into it, but that’s also why we made the activities quite short!

      1. Rona McIntyre says:

        I converted mine via “Calibre”. I also found it more to my liking as a PDF. It’s nice to read it on my ereader, but this book is meant to be USED, and I needed printed pages for that. Calibre is free software for managing e-books, but it also comes in handy for converting files.

  22. I had a quick look and downloaded it immediately!
    Thinking out of the box is something I try to do regularly and teach my students, young and old, to do. This will be a great help in achieving this aim!

  23. Congratulations, Lindsay and Luke! I have only just bought the book and will try one of the activities tomorrow.

    1. Wow. Thank you so much. Great review, so pleased that it inspired you.

  24. Rona McIntyre says:

    Bought it last week. A bargain at $6.50! I’ve used it in class twice, and am simply LOVING it! All the other books showcase the same old topics that appeal to everybody, and therefore, nobody. This book makes you think. And there is no answer key! Wonderful! Thank you!

  25. I used “52” this summer in a 3-week speaking course, and it set my class ON FIRE!!! I used # 1 Scatter, #3 Poem, #32 Parsnip, #34 Life, #46 Like, which were all fantastic, but the popular favourite was #31 Love,Sex, Money. The students just couldn’t get enough! This book is a gold mine! Thank you Lindsay and Luke!

  26. Bojana Miletic says:

    How can I get it in Serbia?

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