100 Activities for Fast Finishers

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After a wonderful warm-up, an excellent introduction and a beautifully executed set of instructions for a skills-based task, the class settles down to work. You breathe a sigh of relief, and are just about to catch up on some details before checking on your students’ progress. Suddenly, a couple of hands go up. “Please, I don’t understand Exercise 2,” calls out one student. Just as you are about to go over and help, another voice calls out, “I’ve finished!” joined by “Me, too!” This is followed by a chorus of “What do we do now?” from another corner of the room.

If the situation described above sounds familiar, rest assured that a solution is at hand. This book brings together a hundred different activities which students can undertake autonomously within the language classroom.

While your learners get down to time-flexible tasks that will recycle recent language and make use of their creativity, you, the teacher, can get on with helping students who need your individual attention, comfortable in the knowledge that 100 Activities for Fast Finishers makes work for idle hands. Not only does this reduce the risk of classroom management problems, but it also helps students to feel that they aren’t wasting their time, giving them the chance to try out some interesting alternatives to class-based learning.

There is something to suit everyone in the class, including tasks for vocabulary recycling and general revision. Even better, minimum preparation and differentiated outcomes mean that everyone can concentrate on what really counts: learning.

100 Activities for Fast Finishers is a pdf book, which allows you to print off the activities in the form of little cards. It’s available for purchase at Gumroad – see the link below and enjoy!

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