No time to prepare a session for your teachers, and no inclination to use someone else’s microscopically detailed session plan? The Lazy Teacher Trainer’s Handbook contains dozens of ideas for professional development sessions that require hardly any planning or preparation, and leave space for you and your teachers to contribute your own ideas. In true teaching unplugged style, each is designed to encourage productive discussions of your teachers’ needs as they emerge.
The activities are divided by area (for example Reflection, Lesson Planning) and approximate length. Each one includes a description of who or what it is useful for, the knowledge required of the session leader, a step by step description of the activity and suggested variations.
You can download a sample by clicking on the link below.

2 thoughts on “The Lazy Teacher Trainer’s Handbook

  1. Lawrence J Colvin says:

    The book looks like it will be very valuable for training

  2. Michael Doherty says:

    I’m just moving up to DOS after 15 years on the shop floor and been looking for ideas like these. Good work! i look forward to buying the finished title.

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