Jennifer Verschoor

Jennifer Verschoor graduated from St. Andrews Scot’s School in Argentina. She holds degrees as English University Professor, Bachelor in Educational Management, English Public Translator and ICT in the Classroom validated by Trinity College London. At the moment she is studying for her Master´s degree in Virtual Environments.

Her emphasis in training teachers to integrate technology into the classroom started several years ago. Since then has given numerous workshops on the integration of New Technologies in Education in Argentina, Japan, Paraguay, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. She delivered online presentations for Tesol France, Besig in Germany, Tesol Uruguay, ETAS in Switzerland and IATEFL LT SIG.

Currently she is working as the Coordinator of New Technologies for the Teaching of English at a Bilingual School. She is a teacher trainer for SBS Argentina, ITESL and St.Matthew´s college and a course coordinator at ESSARP, specialized in Technology Integration in the classroom.

She is a proud WEBHEAD and President of ARCALL Argentine Computer Assisted Language Learning. She participated in several online international projects as Global Partners Junior provided by IEARN. She has been an online moderator in various TESOL Electronic Village Online sessions since 2006.  She was hired by  The Consultants-E to create a Science Webquest.