Christel Schneider

CSiTrain, Hamburg (Germany)
Director ICC, Hamburg (ret’d)
Christel Schneider is founder and managing director of CSiTrain. Until 2012 she was EU project manager and director of the ICC international language association. Prior to this she worked as head of the language department for the German adult education association in Schleswig Holstein. She also taught didactics and methodology, as a visiting lecturer at Hamburg University (Dept. of Education) for over ten years and has run numerous teacher trainer seminars both on a national and international level.
Her experience in online training stretches over a period of more than fifteen years. This includes working as an online tutor for the Institute of Education at the University of London, ABACUS Learning Systems (UK) and as a guest tutor on an online course (train the ‘online’ trainer) at the Northern Illinois University. She developed a series of training courses for online trainers for ABACUS Learning Systems and set up and delivered an online teacher training course for Cornelsen Publishing.
Christel was involved in various EU projects in training and learning in 3D worlds (Lancelot/ Avalon/ EUROVERSITY) and was responsible for material development, course evaluation and course observation in these projects. She is presently an associate partner in the CAMELOT project  and the EUROVERSITY project.
She developed and carried out a Master Trainer Course for Language Trainers and was also involved in the development of the framework and procedures for the ELTACS programme, EUROPEAN Language Teachers Assessment and Certification Scheme.
Her published works include a wide range of materials on course design and teacher training, as well as several course books and various articles. She was also part of a team of authors which has published English textbooks for adults.
Christel is presently taking part in an MA in virtual education at the University of West England and teaches German in virtual worlds.
Over the past year Christel has developed her skills in machinimatography and has produced about 80 films during this time.