Meredith MacAulay

Meredith MacAulay is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer based in Sydney, Australia. She has taught English and Spanish to children, teenagers and adults in Australia, the US and Japan for over 20 years as well as being involved in language testing. She is currently teaching EAP direct entry courses to international students pursuing […]

Rachael Roberts

Rachael Roberts is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has many years’ experience of observing and giving feedback to teachers on CELTA, DELTA, CELTYL, several ESOL teacher training courses and in-service. Her website,, contains articles on different aspects of teaching and materials writing, as well as regular free downloadable lesson plans.

Matthew Turner

Matthew W. Turner is an English instructor at Rikkyo University, Japan. He has been teaching and living in Japan since 2009. Matthew has an MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics from the University of Leicester as well as a DipTESOL. His research interests include task-based language teaching, form-focused instruction, and reflective practice.

Matthew Schaefer

Matthew Y. Schaefer is an academic Program Manager at Rikkyo University in Tokyo. He completed his DELTA in 2006 and his MA TESOL from Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in 2012. Matthew has also worked as a language teacher and Director of Studies in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. His research interests include professional […]

Robert Lowe

Robert J. Lowe is a lecturer in the Department of English Communication at Tokyo Kasei University, Japan. He has a DipTESOL and an MA in Applied Linguistics and is currently a PhD student at Canterbury Christ Church University where his research is supervised by professor Adrian Holliday. His research interests include Native-speakerism, critical applied linguistics, […]

Magnus Coney

Magnus Coney has lived and worked in Milan since 2010, when he is the teacher training coordinator at International House. He mainly runs CELTA and other external teaching courses, as well as being responsible for the in-school TD programme and teaching lessons whenever possible. He doesn’t blog and he doesn’t tweet, but sometimes wonders if […]

Sandy Millin

Sandy Millin is a teacher, CELTA trainer, manager and fledgling materials writer. She is based in Bydgoszcz, Poland, where she manages the International House. She also does teacher training around the world and regularly attends and presents at conferences. Her blog,, covers all of these areas of her teaching and life, and much more. […]

Gerhard Erasmus

Gerhard Erasmus has an MSc Ed TEFL, a PGCE and a Cambridge Delta. He is currently the Director of Studies at a language centre in Taipei, Taiwan and actively involved in teacher training, from entry level qualifications to tutoring on the Cambridge Delta. He has authored a Young Learners series and consulted on various curriculum […]

Hall Houston

Hall Houston is a language teacher in the Department of Applied English at Kainan University in Taoyuan, Taiwan. He has a Master’s degree in Foreign Language Education from The University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of several books about language teaching, including Provoking Thought and The ELT Daily Journal. His practical articles […]