We’re baaaaack!

Summer’s over, the days are getting cooler, and conference season is picking up, which means that we’re back at the round too. After some well-deserved holiday time, we’re back in gear and ready to read your proposals. So if you’ve got an idea for a book trotting around in your head, if you’ve got something to share with the ELT world, and if you want to join the growing community of the round writers, get in touch with us. You can send your submissions to us via the Contact page and Christina will get in touch with you shortly afterwards.

If you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas to help you jumpstart a new teaching year, head over to the Titles page. We’re proud to say that that we’ve now got 15 titles available, all priced reasonably so that teachers can enjoy quality, well-researched, original works without breaking their bank account. Whether you’re interested in technology in the classroom, tweaking your teaching practice, or finding fresh ideas to inspire your students, we’re sure that there’s a title for you. And if there isn’t, well, there’s an opportunity for you to write an ebook!

Even though we were away for the summer, a few new writers remained hard at work. Just check out the Labs page and you’ll see that Tyson Seburn and Mari Varsányi are cooking up two titles, one on academic reading circles, the other on classroom communities. We’re very excited to have them joining the round and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy their books once their finished. But in the meantime, whet your appetite by downloading samples of the books by clicking on the Labs covers.

We’re also doing our duty of filling unoccupied niches in ELT publishing with a new ESP title: English for the Zombie Apocalypse. As authors Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield say, ‘Communication is probably one of the most important weapons we have to resist the hordes of the undead. When the world comes to an end, the language people will be speaking will be English.’ Check it out in labs!

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