CritiquEd! A new project featuring Philip Kerr’s Adaptive Learning in ELT.

04_poster_in_the_city_vol2The Round was conceived as a way to bridge the worlds of blogging and print publishing: an early idea was to publish the most interesting blogs in our field as e-books. Twelve titles later, it’s interesting to reflect that only a couple of those e-books started life as a blog (Scott Thornbury’s A-Z of ELT, repurposed for The Round as Big Questions in ELT, and Dan Barber and Duncan Foord’s book From English Teacher to Learner Coach, originally a blog on Learner Coaching).
Now we’re launching a new side project, CritiquEd, with a book derived from a blog: Philip Kerr’s Adaptive Learning in ELT. As the name CritiquEd suggests, there’s still an educational theme, but with a more explicitly critical slant. We’ll be curating content a little more directly than on the main Round list – each title will have a foreword written by ourselves. The titles, which we see as pamphlets to be read and circulated, will be free.
A Short Guide to Adaptive Learning in ELT seeks to uncover the methodological assumptions and business models that underpin its adoption in ELT and education as a whole. A glance at the contents – from gamification to neoliberalism – indicates a text that traverses many fields: one thatĀ urges us to examine not only the role of technology and the nature of learning, but the politics of educational change.
Like our other titles, critical pamphlets are fully edited and come with a stylish cover. And like this blog post, they’ll be brief. Download our first title here.

4 thoughts on “CritiquEd! A new project featuring Philip Kerr’s Adaptive Learning in ELT.

  1. A small correction: Duncan and my book, From English Teacher to Learner Coach, started out as a blog:

    1. Great project, by the way ;o)

    2. Lindsay Clandfield says:

      You’re right! Sorry, when Luke and I were working on this we forgot that your book also started as a blog! Will make the correction.

  2. Jill Hadfield says:

    Great idea! Look forward to seeing more!

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