English teachers: Dressed to (s)kill

Well, our unofficial t-shirt competition has come to a close and we have a winner! Bruno Leys suggestion English Teachers: Dressed to (s)kill was the most popular of our shortlist by far!

Our designer Mark Bain got to work right away on this, and the result is now available online. Here it is!

Dressed to skill

The round’s Cafe Press Dressed to Skill store page can be found by clicking here. There are many sizes and styles of shirts there, and there are even briefs for the really adventurous of you. We’ll be giving Bruno his T-shirt at the IATEFL conference, and there may be one or two other round authors sporting one.

PLEASE NOTE: We are using Cafe Press to sell the shirts. This is a print-on-demand service, so the shirts are a bit more expensive than, say, if we ordered 1000 and tried to flog them at IATEFL (which we never intended on doing). We did this for fun more than anything else. The round is not making any money on the sales of these shirts.


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